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About me 

Hi my Name is Tristyn Im 31 , born&raised in Los Angeles California ! My title is Empath ,Medium ,light worker , Yoga Instructor, Witchy women , Momma and Wife ! My journey as  Witch/ medium began as a small child . I had many unexplainable occurances happen to me starting at the age of 2 . It all began with a make believe friend i had Named Zaryn who my parents first thought was just that until we found out a young girl had passed away in our home in the 60's named Zadine and thats when i knew i had a gift , may other stories from flashbacks in my childhood home that i would bring up to my parents and they wouldnt know what i was talking about like a funeral in my front room , which we also found out occured in the 40s , from change falling in the corners of my room . To getting upset and my energy would be so high i could connect to the lights and they would flicker as i spoke , ive been visited by dark entities as a teen , i would wake up early in the morning from the smell of my grand mothers rose powder and i have never met her since she passed way before i was born . My great grand mother was a curendera a natural healer with her hands , she also had a bad mouth ,a huge love for animals and her favorite herb to work with was marijuana ! I cant help but think i got these gifts from her ! but not only was my great grand mother a healer .My Grand Mother on my moms side is an astrologer / witchy women herself and really showed me the way with tarot Astrology & numerology , making it a huge part of my upbringing but honestly it wasn't until 2015 when i had my son and opened up a portal within me to really understand the magic i hold . in 2017 i decided to dictate my own path and become my own boss and i created good witch ! with the Intention of helping others heal and lead them to their own spiritual journey . so follow my journey ahead and see the magic and oddities my life holds 

as above so below 

Good Witch 

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